The Best Burger Joints in Toronto

If you want a burger adventure, Toronto is a great place to start. There are more than a hundred places you can get amazing burgers. These specialty burgers are built upon years of serving the people of Toronto and other people.

So, here are the top burger joints in the womb of the Raptors.

The Carbon Bar

Three words smoked bacon cheeseburger. There is no other place on earth that serves a smoked bacon cheeseburger better than the Carbon Bar. This specialty burger offers all the good things about a burger, jalapeno cheese (house-made), dill pickle, buttermilk fried shallots, lettuce, and so much more.

But the king is the meat. You need to try it for yourself.

Holy Chuck

After trying this, you’ll know why they call the place Holy Chuck. Their signature burger, the Holy Chuck is a double cheeseburger with caramelized onions and bacon. The place encourages you not to add any more toppings but instead another layer of meat.

That is why most people going to Holy Chuck ask for a triple cheeseburger. There are other specialty burgers like the Big Chuck and the Cowlorie too.

The Burgernator

After trying out one of their burgers, just like the Terminator, “You’ll be back” for more. The Burgernator is a staple in Toronto offering the best specialty burgers in the country. Their best-sellers are the Captain Jerk, Atomic Burger, Drop Down and Give me Spicy, and the Big Bang.

Captain Jerk is by far their best burger according to customers. In it, you get a juicy beef patty, tomato, Havarti cheese, lettuce, grilled pineapple, and the famous jerk sauce. Now you can’t go wrong with that.

Start your burger adventure today.

About the Author: Wild Burger